Demonstration Essay Topics

100 Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas

Here's a list of 100 good demonstration speech topic ideas that you can use in your demonstration speeches.

These how to speech topics cover a truly HUGE range of activities, so I hope you can find something you can work with. If not, just take a look at the things you do on a daily basis. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with at least 100 more demonstration speech topic ideas of your own!

  1. How to trim a bonsai tree
  2. How to paint an egg
  3. How to put on makeup
  4. How to do origami
  5. How to do poi spinning
  6. How to do graffiti
  7. How to create a worm farm
  8. How to make garden stepping stones
  9. How to install a wordpress blog
  10. How to clean running shoes
  11. How to pick locks
  12. How to edit a video
  13. How to dance a certain dance
  14. How to raise tadpoles
  15. How to feed a snake
  16. How to detect if someone is lying
  17. How to create an iPhone application
  18. How to make jewelry
  19. How to make your own soap
  20. How to make candles
  21. How to stretch before working out
  22. How to make sushi
  23. How to ride a unicycle
  24. How to make a fishing lure
  25. How to do card tricks
  26. How to do yoga
  27. How to do magic tricks
  28. How to play poker
  29. How to knit/crochet
  30. How to decorate a cake
  31. How to make beads
  32. How to make an ice sculpture
  33. How to solve a Rubik's cube
  34. How to make a pop-up card
  35. How to make animals out of balloons
  36. How to make paper mache figures
  37. How to make stained glass objects
  38. How to beatbox
  39. How to kickbox
  40. How to make a bird feeder
  41. How to attract hummingbirds to your garden
  42. How to perform tai chi
  43. How to edit your photographs online
  44. How to arrange flowers
  45. How to do braids
  46. How to use scarves on your head, neck, body
  47. How to remove scratches from DVD's
  48. How to make a foxhole radio
  49. How to whistle
  50. How to make fireballs

  51. How to build an eletric motor
  52. How to use potatoes to conduct electricity
  53. How to make cheese
  54. How to play beginner guitar chords
  55. How to use chopsticks
  56. How to make a WiFi antenna booster
  57. How to make windchimes
  58. How to make a dreamcatcher
  59. How to do string art
  60. How to make a metal detector
  61. How to make iodine
  62. How to build a paper airplane
  63. How to build a shelf
  64. How to make clay charms
  65. How to make paper invisible
  66. How to make colored fire
  67. How to make instant ice sculptures with hot ice
  68. How to create a lemon battery
  69. How to build a balloon rocket car
  70. How to make water glow
  71. How to make a cloud in a bottle
  72. How to make kimchi
  73. How to hypnotize people
  74. How to use an exercise ball
  75. How to breathe fire
  76. How to make magnetic fluid
  77. How to press flowers
  78. How to carve fruit into flowers and animals
  79. How to make a magnet gun
  80. How to build a bird house
  81. How to build a mosaic lightbox
  82. How to use a compass
  83. How to use a TTY machine (text telephone)
  84. How to use a Ham radio
  85. How to make lip gloss
  86. How to make envelopes
  87. How to make paper
  88. How to make perfume
  89. How to make silly putty
  90. How to make a snow globe
  91. How to make a candy bouquet
  92. How to make ginger ale
  93. How to build a telescope
  94. How to make a pinhole camera
  95. How to make Play-Doh
  96. How to make yoghurt
  97. How to make a kaleidoscope
  98. How to make a hula hoop
  99. How to make a spud gun
  100. How to make a sock monkey

If you already know how to do something on the list then you will be way ahead, in that you won't have to learn how to do it yourself!

You'll just have to get all your visual aids together so that you can show your audience step by step what you'll be talking about.

Make sure you create a demonstration speech outline before putting together your presentation and practice in front of a test audience (friends/family etc), so that you feel confident presenting your demonstration speech topic on the day.

Does one of these ideas appeal, but you're not sure how to do it yourself?

Then research it! That way, you'll end up talking about something that interests you AND you'll learn a new skill along the way!

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Demonstration Speech Topics

100+ demonstrative speech ideas for 'how to' presentations

'What are the best demonstration speech topics?'

Could it be 'How to fly a kite'?Or 'How to grow from seed'?May be 'How to knot a tie'?

The answer is simple but frustratingly inconclusive: 'It depends.'

These are the 'how to' or 'show and teach' speeches of which there are squillions of possibilities. You could waste hours considering this demonstrative speech topic against that one but you don't have to. Step through the guidelines below and make an informed decision.

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An ideal topic depends on:

* What you are interested in:
Your choice of demonstrative speech topic needs to be something you are genuinely interested in and know about.

Without enthusiasm or knowledge it's hard to inspire others to want to know more about a subject. And that's your goal! Ideally when you finish your speech, you'll find yourself on the receiving end of question after question from eager listeners wanting to know more.

* Who the speech is for:
You need to consider your audience before making your final choice.

What demonstration speech topics would interest them?
What would teach them something new?
What would be of value and appropriate for them to know?

* The setting of the speech:
Where is the speech to be given? In a classroom? In a public hall? In a living room? In the open air?

* The time you've got to give the speech:
There is no point in choosing something complex to show and teach if you have very limited time. What you select needs to fit easily into the allotted space.

* The guidelines for assessment: (if the speech is part of a public
speaking course).

You may find there are restrictions on using varying forms of visual aids: video or power-point for example. Check before you decide.

Use the demonstration speech topics below to kick-start your own creativity. Think of them as beginnings or starting points.

Rather than pick the first idea that jumps out, build up a short list. Then go through assessing the positive as well as negative aspects, keeping the audience, your interest, setting, time and assessment needs in mind.

Demonstration Speech Topics


How to:

  • read the clouds
  • read the stars
  • read the tides
  • read tree rings
  • recognize differing types of rock
  • read a landscape without a map
  • water divine
  • track animals in the wild
  • forecast weather
  • recognize poisonous plants or insects
  • survive in the wild
  • prepare a survival kit


How to:

  • train a puppy
  • wash a dog
  • care for a kitten
  • saddle a horse
  • feed a dog, horse, cat,...correctly
  • interpret animal behavior
  • soothe a frightened dog, cat...
  • keep a pet dog or cat in an apartment
  • give medicines to your dog, cat...
  • care for an injured or sick pet
  • set up a fish bowl
  • choose a pet
  • teach a parrot to talk


How to:

  • prepare basic landscaping plans
  • lay bricks or paving stones
  • build a fence
  • make a swing
  • make a children's play area
  • build a compost bin
  • make a greenhouse
  • make a windbreak
  • plant a tree
  • grow from seed
  • graft a plant
  • prepare and plant a tub of flowers or vegetables
  • plant a window box of herbs
  • prune a rose bush
  • care for garden tools
  • make a bird feeder
  • choose the right plants for the right situations
  • plant spring bulbs
  • recognize poisonous plants or insects
  • make a no-dig garden
  • encourage birds or bees into the garden
  • make a patio or deck garden


How to:

  • how to design & make a greeting card
  • knit
  • crochet
  • embroider
  • quilt
  • felt
  • make a perfect posy of flowers
  • learn to draw, sketch
  • learn to paint in water colors
  • make papier mache
  • work puppets
  • decoupage
  • use stencils
  • make natural dyes
  • spin or weave
  • create a seasonal center piece for the table
  • make a Christmas wreath
  • paint eggs
  • press flowers
  • scrapbook
  • make your own jewelery from antique buttons
  • sew your own clothes
  • design your own clothes
  • bonsai
  • arrange flowers
  • make your own soft furnishings
  • take a brass rubbing
  • batik
  • tie-dye a garment
  • carve or whittle wood


How to:

  • learn to skate board
  • learn to surf
  • wax a surfboard
  • choose the right piece of sporting equipment (bike, surf or skate board, shoes, protective gear...)
  • score a game of tennis
  • catch a fish
  • prepare and set a fishing net
  • smoke a fish
  • play chess, checkers, dominoes, cards...
  • train for a marathon
  • use a snorkel correctly
  • hold a softball bat
  • care for a set of golf clubs
  • oil a bike
  • fix a puncture
  • prevent sporting injuries
  • fly a kite
  • be a team player
  • shoot a goal
  • ride a bike

Food & More

How to:

  • make a perfect cup of coffee, tea...
  • use chop sticks
  • prepare green tea and serve it correctly
  • make chocolate
  • plan a party
  • store frozen food
  • sharpen a knife
  • prepare chicken safely
  • make your own relish, jam, pastry...
  • write a shopping list
  • plan a menu
  • organize your pantry
  • bake bread, bagels...
  • use seasonal vegetables
  • dry fruits and vegetables
  • make your own wedding cake
  • ice a cake
  • make desserts
  • cook economically
  • make healthy meals
  • carve vegetables
  • fold table napkins


How to:

  • read to a child
  • set a dinner table
  • talk to a deaf person
  • buy online safely
  • read body language
  • understand cultural differences in body language
  • travel safely in a foreign country
  • play with a small child
  • take a telephone message
  • eat politely
  • defend yourself (basic self defence)
  • do basic first aid
  • take a pulse
  • teach a child to read the time
  • prepare a baby's bottle
  • write a thank-you letter
  • read braille
  • alter your own clothes...take up a hem etc.
  • iron a shirt properly
  • take a good photograph
  • lift without damaging your back
  • apply make-up correctly
  • learn French, German, Italian...
  • plait or braid hair
  • make an effective complaint
  • save gas
  • waltz (foxtrot, line dance ...)
  • organise a coffee morning
  • run a meeting
  • make a presentation
  • do a cheap style make-over
  • shop at thrift stores
  • choose colors that suit you
  • choose clothes that suit you
  • knot a tie
  • walk in high heels
  • make your own cosmetics, creams etc
  • start your own business
  • take control of your personal finances
  • buy a house
  • choose a college
  • decide what career you want
  • keep fit
  • select the right make-up for you
  • whistle

And then there's...

How to:

  • fix a blocked sink
  • fix a leaking faucet
  • replace a cracked tile
  • polish wooden furniture
  • restore a piece of furniture
  • change a car tire
  • interpret a modern painting
  • read a palm
  • burglar proof your home
  • save money
  • recycle
  • break old habits
  • use a cell phone
  • how to make and upload a video to You-tube
  • text
  • read braille

More demonstration topic ideas & help

Now you've chosen your demonstration speech topic find out more about how good demonstration speeches are structured. This is an easily followed 'how to' prepare your speech guide.

Or if you're still looking, try this page of 50 how to speech ideas.
These demonstration speech topics focus on teaching vital soft skills like 'how to apologize sincerely' or 'how to accept personal criticism positively'.

Would you like a print-friendly blank speech outline template to use?
The template will step you through an ordered sequence of steps to ensure your speech has a logical beginning, middle and end.

And if your speech is being formally evaluated why not find out what the judge will be marking you on?
There's a standard speech evaluation form here.

You can find more tips like these through checking the site map.

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